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Orgasm Your Way To Success

After nearly two decades of body shaming and daily reinforcement of my “not good enough” belief, I felt very disconnected from who I am. I’ve spent countless hours on my therapist’s couch and I was still letting the thoughts I had about myself and my body impact how I showed up in my life, in my relationships and in my marriage. I was craving love, pleasure and soul connection and I knew that meant going deeper, opening my heart even wider and finding the beauty and acceptance in myself. 

In this episode, life and sex coach Robin Joy and I go where I’ve never gone before. Why is sex and pleasure such a taboo topic amongst women? How can we reconnect with our life force energy and enjoy wild and intense pleasure?

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Anxiety and Entrepreneurship

I’ve definitely struggled with anxiety and depression, and so has my friend and fellow entrepreneur Nicole Edmunds (

My fear around the stigma, as well as of the traditional psychiatric treatment, caused me to suffer alone and in silence until recently.

In this episode, we break the silence and share our experience of living with anxiety so that you can see that you are not alone.

If you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression or have any mental health concerns, please reach out to someone you can talk to. You don't have to suffer (in silence) and you are not alone.

Health-Boosting Habits that Massively Improve Your Body, Mind, and Productivity

When the pressure of your business is rising, how do you handle it? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you make lists, work longer and harder, and put yourself (temporarily, of course) on the back burner. If you don’t make yourself a priority, then who exactly is showing up every morning to your desk? It’s certainly not your best self. Dr. Carrie drops truth bombs and offers priceless advice for boosting your health and building a strong foundation from which you can build a joyful, thriving business and life.