Does Your External Space Match Your Internal Hotmess?

Did you know that you can hire a professional organizer to help you, uhm... get organized and than design systems that make managing your household affairs much, much, much ... smoother? 

My friend Lisa Blough with Hotmess Organizing & Design is a godsend in life's big or small transitions and in this interview she shares 5 tips on how to declutter and clear out without the drama. 

Whenever we go into something new, we have to face the old first. We have to make space and clear out that which no longer serve us… for example that pair of jeans that we haven’t been able to fit into for the last 5 years and is making us sad every day we look into our closet. Perhaps there is a picture or a gift that reminds us of someone who's no longer in our lives for a reason and brings up negative emotions every time we look at it.

Yvonne WinklerComment