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Yvonne’s passion to help you break through barriers that are holding you back is palpable.

I never thought I'd find clarity, as I have with her program, to catapult my business ideas and turn them into reality. 

— Kasia Richard

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I joined her LEEP program, and it was one of the best decisions I made.

Not only did I get to meet a group of like-minded women, I actually got practical and useful tools and access to unbelievable support to help me grow my business. I learned so much about Mindset, Energy, Videos, Email Campaigns, and especially Marketing. The group and community of women that Yvonne surrounds herself with, that have helped with all her business efforts, are also a huge benefit to have met, and see the work they can do for us.

I say if you are a Female Entrepreneur struggling with where to start, and how to kickstart your business, or need more direction not only in business but in life... then Yvonne is definitely someone you can count on to guide you.

— Andrea Morris
Mortgage & Insurance Agent, AMFinancial Services

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The LEEP program is amazing for budding female entrepreneurs because it shares the view of what business should look like, and provides a new feminine approach to building business that I think ALL women can benefit from.

Concrete action steps to move your business forward, live group coaching support from Yvonne, and a community of women who are there to collaborate, support, and believe in your dream as much as you do.

LEEP simply helps you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

— Brittany Erdman
Physiotherapist & Intuitive Wellness Coach, 
Ignite Wellness

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I recommend the LEEP to any woman who wants more than she can find inside her job, who wants to break free with her unique gift and start her own business.

The LEEP addresses all aspects of starting something brand new, all with Yvonne's support as she gently encourages us to take risks and take care of ourselves in the same breath. I've never taken risks this way before - jumping out of a plane with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

— Brittany Veenhuysen, Copy Writer & Editor

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Yvonne is the epitome of empathy - one who can connect, relate, sympathize and meet someone exactly where they are.

This is an essential - if not the primary - quality needed in a mentor or a coach. She invests in each person she works with; making a sincere effort to truly understand the complexities that make us each of us - and because she makes this investment, she has the unique gift of illuminating a person's strengths and identifying the key to how they best contribute to the world. 

Her genuine interest in me and my success, has elevated my confidence; making me feel like I, and the work I do, is very much needed and cherished. Her inquisitive mind has taken me down paths I didn't recognize, but was so glad I discovered. Yvonne is one of those rare gems that is placed in your life for a very significant reason. Should you have the opportunity to be coached by Yvonne - regardless of your life circumstances or aspirations - consider yourself blessed.

— Katheryn Plaza, Profound Impact

Jill Phillips.png
This has felt huge for me and I haven’t had a coach yet who is willing to gently and persistently go there with me.

Coaching with Yvonne has been an enlightening organic experience.  She intuitively knows where to guide our sessions to the exact thing I needed to receive, hear or experience.  She has a gentle and loving persistent way to help uncover things that need to be addressed while holding a space for healing and transformation.  

— Jill Phillips, Inspiring I Coaching

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Through Yvonne’s experiences she can relate and empathise greatly.

Yvonne is a person that will keep you accountable. She has a very calming effect while you are working with her. It is a wonderful feeling to take the time needed to get where you want to be, not where the world wants you to be.  Through Yvonne’s experiences she can relate and empathise greatly with getting one connected with themselves to reflect inwards to see what is needed to bring balance. If you haven’t worked with Yvonne yet, you should! You wont be the same. You will see more of yourself and bring more clarity to your situation. 

— Carla McWaid, Live Now Inc

Alannah Amatea.png
Working with Yvonne Winkler has been nothing less than amazing!

Her bright and bubbly personality makes doing business with her an absolute delight.  Yvonne is not only full of knowledge and ideas,  her positive outlook on any situation helps immensely.  It has been a pleasure doing business with Yvonne and I would highly recommend her if you need help with business coaching.

— Alannah Amantea

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She always asks the right questions to lead you to very solid decisions and get you to the heart of the matter.

I am lucky enough to call Yvonne a friend, however she has become so much more to me in the past year.  She has helped me immensely during my career change into self employment and has been an invaluable asset to me while growing my business.  She is always present and prepared, listening and taking notes during our discussions.  She always asks the right questions to lead you to very solid decisions and get you to the heart of the matter.  Yvonne has helped me to better focus and prioritize my life and my business.  She helps you to look at problems in different ways, thus finding meaningful solutions.

I always look forward to my conversations with Yvonne. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas.  She never fails to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.  She is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and most of all, real.  Starting a new venture can be intimidating and tedious, but meeting with Yvonne always leaves me feeling invigorated and inspired.

— Lindsay Youngblood, Mandala Staging and Design

Claudia Killemann.png
Yvonne has pushed me outside my comfort zone - to become stronger & better and to go for my dreams.

Yvonne has a very big heart, has been there for me, offering support & advice in so many areas of life. She pushed me outside my comfort zone, to become stronger & better, going for my dreams not just dreaming them. She’s been a huge motivator in starting a small business, something I’ve never dreamed of doing. It is very important for her to pass on the joys of life. To look at the bright side of things not the dark, to focus on the good not the bad!

One thing I have learned about Yvonne is that she thrives on positive energy and exactly that makes her such an amazing person to be around!

— Claudia Killemann

Belle Givens.png
Yvonne has reminded me that to truly be happy, I have to be able to unconditionally love myself.

Yvonne is present, kind, and supportive, and always able to ask those questions to ensure you are being true to yourself. She has reminded me that to truly be happy I have to be able to unconditionally love myself (as much as I thought I had this one down, it seemed to slip away so easily). All of my perceived flaws, all the barriers and walls that I developed to try and harness my life into manageable categories, (which ultimately just ended up with me putting myself aside to deal, manage, and ensure that those around me were taken care of) required a change. And as we all know change can be terrifying, but it can also be fun, exciting and in my experience ultimately liberating. As a mother I want nothing less for my daughter to lover herself and to be able to express her anger, joy, sadness, and love in a health self-loving way. But how can I expect her to learn that if I can’t appreciate myself for who I am?

On this journey of life, it is so refreshing to have a true, pure friend like Yvonne whose presence brings out your true beauty. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my life.

— Belle Givens

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She immediately puts me at ease and she’s naturally inquisitive.

I've had the honour of knowing Yvonne since 2011 when we attended a seminar that I can honestly look back on and say was a life changing event. I shared my dream of traveling around the world for a year with the group and afterwards, Yvonne quietly came up to me and said "I just got back from doing that, what would you like me to share with you?". 

Yvonne has a heart of gold! Whenever we get together, she has this uncanny ability to look at me with her big, beautiful, bright blue eyes and 'see' my soul. She immediately puts me at ease and she's naturally inquisitive; she genuinely wants to hear about how I'm doing. Yvonne listens intently and seeks to understand, making me feel warm and safe; I trust her. From her vast travels and experiences with new places and faces, Yvonne is able to provide a great perspective and is a sage in her own right. With her quiet strength, warm smile and great snort (!), she is someone of high quality and value.

— Marianne Baptie

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Yvonne is a spiritual being first and foremost.

Yvonne is the reason I began delegating those tasks I didn't need to be doing to freelancers on upwork.com. Yvonne is the reason I hired my first business coach - a single push that led to countless positive results - some of which are yet to come. If it wasn't for that one push, I wouldn't have written a book. Yvonne's passion for Social Media Marketing, which she put into an amazing presentation (I had the privilege of being one of the 100 people in the room to experience it), drove me to be BOLDER with my posts leading up to the launch of my book. Her confidence in me combined with a few of her Social Media Keys led me to posting something on LinkedIn which got 1000 comments per day for months and ultimately led me to some of the best clients a financial consultant could hope for. Recently, Yvonne stopped me from completely blowing up one of these valuable client relationships. If it weren't for her, I would not have focused on the right things and my emotions would have got the best of me. I knew Yvonne was smart, but the wisdom she displayed in this particular situation still blows me away.

I believe women in business, especially mothers, have a tough time balancing the "professional side" and the "soft/maternal side" of their personalities. Yvonne gets this, because she struggled with trying to find this balance in the corporate world for years. After Yvonne left that behind and began her own business helping women build their businesses, I've watched Yvonne help women manage their emotions during the ups and downs of a rapidly growing business, and many of these ladies have shared with me the huge impact Yvonne had and continues to have on their lives.

— Lyndsie Barrie, The39ForeverMom.com

Robyn Hounjet
Yvonne is an incredibly gifted woman.

Despite her gentle energy, she can be strong and tough when needed - she always holds me accountable to my goals! One of my favourite things about her is the way in which she asks questions. She has the ability to make people think about things from an entirely new perspective, making her a natural leader and coach. Her deep compassion for her friends, her tribe, and the world are what drive her; this is especially evident in her signature program, the Lotus Emerging Entrepreneurs Program. If you have the opportunity to work with her - take it!!

— Robyn Hounjet, Studio Co.Creative