It’s Time To Stand In Your True Value!


Do you get all stressed out when it comes time to ask for money or discuss your prices?  Maybe you’re struggling to find that “right” number that doesn’t make you freak out but does help you keep the lights on?

You’re not alone, Love. We harbour deep shame and disempowering beliefs about our ability to generate money, and we equate our value with the numbers in our bank account. We beat ourselves up when the numbers are too low and feel guilty when we think they are too hight.

If we want to be seen + heard + recognized as equals, it’s up to us to restore and prioritize our values and take our position as equal partners in life and business.

In this free experience, I will guide you through a process that will transform how you feel about the impact you have on your community. This is a powerful tool that has helped me and my clients get over the wishy washiness about making offers and our ceaseless quest to contribute with value.  


What you’ll learn:

  • What it means to "own your value"

  • Why your inner dialog will never be satisfied with the outer circumstances

  • What your value is

  • How to charge for your services with confidence

  • How to attend to your need for value