The Remedy To Cure Your Social Media Dis-Ease For Good

My clients often tell me they don’t like social media and wish they could just outsource that part of their business. They don’t like spending a lot of time on Facebook and they don’t understand Instagram. Can you relate? Yeah me too.

For me, at best, social media was always a sporadic stress-inducing pain in the ass that cost me valuable resources like time, money, and my wellbeing! At worst, it dissolved my self-confidence and sense of connection with my community. My dislike of Facebook is no secret,  and maybe you’re one of the people who I lost touch with. Because I was so tired of the disconnection, I shut down my personal Facebook account completely (don’t worry, you can reconnect with me here). Since then, the relationship has been complicated… as an entrepreneur, I realized that it’s difficult to ignore social media as a strong medium for all that I have to say and resurrected my social media accounts.

But despite my determination, logging into Instagram and Facebook quickly gave me the same discontent and worthlessness– a constant loop of comparing and feeling discouraged. It got so bad that I decided to hire a social media strategist just so I didn’t have to log into my accounts anymore and see “how much further ahead the others are”.

But as you can imagine, it’s hard to be yourself when it’s not you who does the posting. I took back my accounts and became determined to find a solution that included me, but not at the expense of my wellbeing. I buckled down and researched all kinds of “hacks”, “must-dos”, and “how to’s” and was surprised to discover that the best solution often isn’t as complicated as I thought it was!

Why does social media feel so hard, you think? Perhaps it’s a bit of technical handicap– but seriously, nothing that  a quick search on YouTube can’t solve. Is it that we don’t have enough time? Partly, but there are a plethora of tools to help you schedule everything and head to the beach. No, the problem is that we don’t know what to post, never mind consistently! So we go scrolling for inspiration which winds up our inner critics and before we know it, we’ve convinced ourselves  that we’re  no good… worthless imposters with lame copy.

Creating a stress-free and efficient content strategy begins with planning! And more importantly planning offline! Yes, all you need is a blank piece of paper, your favourite pen, and some good ol’ fashion brainstorming.

You know I’ve got you covered. I’ll do the leg work and testing, and will find the best tools out there. While social media IS NOT my first recommendation to jump start your business, I realize it's an inevitable part of being a business owner today. So here is a tool that will blow your socks off!  The Content Planner is a planning tool that delivers high results for a small investment and will get you started out right.

Meet Kat Gaskin, a graphic designer, content planning expert and creator of The Content Planner - the first and only physical planning system for your blog and social content. Kat helps discouraged business owners create a clear path towards achieving their social media goals so they can be more abundant in wealth, prosperity, and purpose. With a 6-figure e-commerce brand and a recent $42K launch (with $0 ad spend) in her back pocket, Kat brings results-driven expertise and step-by-step strategies to her online community every day.

Her signature cool, calm, and collected approach makes a welcome alternative to the overwhelm of juggling multiple social platforms. Kat's community loves her because of her easy-to-follow tips and undeniable commitment to helping women plan it, post it and profit online.

In this interview,  we’re letting the cat out of the bag and sharing how I gained 100 new followers in a month. Kat’s content planner has helped me get organized and planning content across multiple platforms with more ease. We also unpack the 3 things you need to know about hashtags, what a hitlist is, and why this works.