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Orgasm Your Way to Success

After nearly two decades of body shaming and reinforcing my “not good enough” belief, I felt very disconnected from who I am. I’ve spent countless hours on my therapist’s couch and I was still letting the thoughts I had about myself and my body impact how I showed up in my life, in my relationships and in my marriage. I was craving love, pleasure and soul connection and I knew that meant going deeper, opening my heart even wider and finding the beauty and acceptance in myself. 

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A Rallying Cry, Because It’s Time To Stand In Our True Value

This money thing. It floats like a ghost amongst us women. We’re big dreamers, bright sparks, and soulful adventurers who are haunted by our messy money stories... stories that began way before we were born and continue to impact our current lives– they cause us to drop our dreams, and turn away from what is most important to us. Can you feel them?

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