Busting the Hustle

Why did you start your business? Why did you choose the unknown over the security of a day job? Why do you recommit every morning to a lifestyle and business that you truly want?

For me the answer lies in freedom and fulfillment– the ability to choose my work, my clients, and my schedule, and to open the door to a happier, healthier, abundant life.

If you want to make your vision for life into reality, you will need to do some things differently! Much like when you bring a new baby home, life as you know it is about to change drastically when you embark on a brand new chapter. You have to make space for this new life... and how do we make space? We do a good house clean. We rearrange and organize things. We shed the things that no longer bring us joy. And we do this regularly! This is part of the self-care maintenance package you subscribed to when you said a giant NO to the cubicle life!

I understand it’s really hard when so much (good) is coming at you, to stay calm and not get sucked into the momentum of the HUSTLE. What is the hustle? It’s that voice at the back of your mind telling you that if you stop for a moment, you’re failing your business. It’s the belief that you can and should always be working harder than you are, glorifying the concept of “busy”. The hustle forces to you either give up or make your work your Number 1 Priority.

I solidly disagree with everything about the hustle. The hustle mentality burns us out. It makes us exhausted, irritable, and unhealthy. It causes us to lose track of everything we wanted when we first started our business. The only things that lie on the other side of hustle are burn out, health crisis, and REGRET.

The hustle mentality makes us believe we can say yes to everything, but this is not true! For all the things you make time for (work), you must give up something else (relationships, activities, freedom). A “yes” to something always means a “no” to something else. So choose your yes’s and no’s carefully and clearly understand what’s on the other side of the coin. What is it you’re giving up? Sleep? Family time? Exercise? Self-care? Your children, your relationship, your friendships, your marriage? What is taking the back seat right now?

Sister, the hustle was what you wanted to escape from! I see so many business owners quit because they can’t keep up! When you are burned out, you are not at your best... and how do you think that reflects on your business? The value you bring to your clients? You certainly won’t attract new clients. Yes, the hustle not only negatively impacts your life outside business, but your business itself.

I get it. I was once a hustler, and so was my husband. My family followed the hustle mentality. And I am here to tell you there is no magic date and time in the future when the hustle stops. The better you get at doing it, the more you’ll do it– it becomes your lifestyle.

The only way to break the HUSTLE is to not hustle starting right NOW. The more you work (especially on work you never really wanted to do) the more you become your work. It’s a bottomless pit! Please listen to your body. The health effects of stress and neglect wont show up tomorrow or maybe even next week, but they will show up! Heart attack, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's… don’t let it be you!

I understand what it’s like to be out there alone, searching for clients, paying your light bill, and creating a good life. After all, you’ve never done this before. You’re not used to the new routines and your schedule is not set by someone else anymore. With this new freedom comes new responsibility… the responsibility to take care of yourself!

With these new demands on your time, body, resources, and health, it is important that we have some checkpoints in place for ourselves. Let’s call it a quality control check to help us stay grounded, connected and present.

This is really REALLY important because also much like a newborn child, your newborn business makes time fly by so quickly. Before you know it, new habits, now schedules, and new responsibilities have been established in your life and you feel you missed out on them growing up.

How do you establish a checkpoint? Answer the following questions.

  1. Does the path I’m on feel in alignment with my heart and my desires?

  2. Who do I have to become to meet my desires?

  3. What parts of me have to fall away/no longer serve me or stand in the way?

  4. Where does most of my energy go and is that in alignment with who I want to become? (Ie. Do you have a side business that is taking far more of your time than you have now given your new responsibilities?)

You can’t keep doing the same things (or worse, keep piling on more of the same things) and expect different results.

Once you are clear on what you’re giving up in the hustle, and you determine the direction you want to travel– the life you actually want to live– make some changes. Perhaps you could set up stricter working hours? Maybe time block some guilt-free pleasure time? Yoga, anyone? More than ever in your life, you need to evaluate where you allocate your time and for what.

What is truly important to you? In the name of growing a sustainable business… make yourself a priority.

What have you noticed about your hustle? What’s hard to let go of? Let me know below!