Why Your Business Needs Pleasure

In January, I realized I was done playing small. Until that moment, I hadn’t really felt like I was playing it small. I had done the right things… I hired professional support to help me grow my business. I hosted workshops, landed coaching clients, and was working on growing my social media presence. But in essence, I was dabbling. When I hosted my workshops, I learned that people weren’t exactly fighting to get a seat. The limitations of my social media expertise were beginning to show. It was time for something BIG.

I understand how difficult it is to take a leap in your business, because usually it means spending more money than you originally intended, combined with putting yourself out there like you never have before. Opening yourself up to success means more clients and income (yay), but also means putting more energy and hours into the service of others, as well as taking on more stress as you do new things outside your comfort zone. For people like me who already feel stretched and overwhelmed, taking on more stress seems like an impossible feat.

You might tell yourself a whole bunch of reasons why you’re not taking the big steps you need right now. Maybe you don’t have the money to invest in hiring people or purchasing the tools you need. Maybe you’re waiting to have more time in your life to dedicate to growing your business. Maybe you feel like you need a better foundation to stand on. No matter what your reason, the real truth is that dabbling makes you feel nice and safe.

Dabbling allows us to feel like we’re moving forward without ever picking up enough speed to feel discomfort. At the end of the day, when will the necessary pot of gold appear before you can move forward? When will that time you need suddenly appear in your day? When exactly will the burst of clarity happen that will set off a chain of events to get you where you want to be? You need to make it happen for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong– dabbling is an important step. Trying a bit of this and that allows you to explore all your options. To understand what you really want to do, sometimes you need to understand what you don’t want to to, who you don’t want to work with, and which tasks take you a thousand times longer than it would take someone else. The choice of where to spend your money and where to exert your energy becomes clearer as you hone your craft.

The LEEP existed in my head for months before I actually committed to building it. In my case, the catalyst was my branding and website. I put my money where my mouth was and committed to hiring a brilliant professional to help me create an online home that looked just like me, complete with an amazing photoshoot, inspiring content that reflected my heart, and all the materials I needed to step into my own. During the process of branding, I stepped fully into my purpose. It was the leap I needed to take.

If you’ve been dabbling for a while, it might be time for you to take a leap and make a huge splash in your business. When I first saw my new website, I broke down crying at how beautifully it reflected everything I had been holding close to my heart for so long. Suddenly, momentum was building in my heart, pushing me to do it for real. In a short amount of time, I was structuring my course, writing content, shooting videos, conducting interviews, and getting people on board with the LEEP. I saw my dreams unfold before my eyes.

This was both a wonderful and stressful time. I did a happy dance every time someone new signed up for the LEEP, but part of me felt the weight of each new responsibility. As I committed fully to developing the LEEP, I began to sprint, wanting to deliver on all my promises. I quickly got out of breath and as I was collapsing on my coach’s couch, she ever so gently reminded me of something I want to share with you. The more you give in your business and to your clients, the more you must give back to yourself, no strings attached. You can’t pour from an empty cup. 



We talk so much about “guilty pleasure”, when really we need to reconsider. This month, we’re going to explore GUILT-FREE PLEASURE and how we must make it part of our business plan if we want to deliver value and lead happy, fulfilled lives.

This isn’t a hippie-dippie belief based on an attitude of “Me Me Me”, it’s simple math. When you do new things, take on big opportunities, and recommit to yourself and your business each day, it’s just like growing any muscle. Just as you cannot keep training your muscles without stopping to stretch and replenish your strength, you cannot continually give all of yourself to your business and clients without taking care of yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Guilt-free pleasure is how you fill your cup again. This way, you maintain a beautiful balance with yourself, and truly begin to create the business and life of your dreams.

I leave you with two questions today:

  1. What is a step you can take this week to move your business forward? (ideas: buy a domain, order those business cards you’ve been putting off, contact those people who might have business insight for you, hire someone to renovate your website, have coffee with someone who inspires you, reach out to potential referral partners, attend a conference where you can meet like-minded people.)

  2. How can you experience  guilt-free pleasure this week? (Hint: don’t type “guilt-free pleasure ideas” into Google. Pleasure is different for everyone. Simply close your eyes and think of a moment or experience that left you filled up. Replicate that. Imagine taking an entire afternoon–heck, an entire day– to yourself, in a cloud of bliss. What does this include?)


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