Do You Experience True Pleasure or Fabricated Pleasure?

Pleasure is slippery. We experience surprising pleasure in the most unexpected places and with the most unexpected of people. Adversely, we can do all the "right" things but feel nothing at all. I look back through events in my life, remember hiking up a mountain in a state of exhausted ecstasy… and then remember a similar hike where I felt miserable, guilty, heavy-hearted. The difference between manufactured pleasure and true pleasure then, doesn’t exist in the action itself, but relies on what’s happening in your heart.


What is true pleasure?

True pleasure is embracing your desires and pleasure for the sake of itself.

True pleasure is free of guilt, free of rules, free of measuring one’s pleasure against another’s.

True pleasure is rooted in loving yourself, loving the moment, feeling free to be quiet, to be outrageous, to be giddy, to be seductive… to be whatever the pleasure brings out in you.

True pleasure fills your cup and doesn’t take away. It’s energy-replenishing, soul-invigorating, spirit-enhancing.

True pleasure is not something you allow yourself only as a reward for a job well done. It doesn’t exist in an impossible future where you’re skinny enough, rich enough, living a perfect life, and therefore worthy. True pleasure is the roadmap to living your dreams starting right now.

And finally, true pleasure is yours for the taking, anywhere, any time. You can tap into your pleasure right at this very moment. It’s waiting for you.

I wouldn’t want to write a post about pleasure without consulting the self-declared Pleasure Queen herself, Mama Gena, so I’ll let her tell you about courtesans in an excerpt from her must-read book, Pussy: A Reclamation.

The courtesans were women who, during a time of almost unimaginable repression for women, did not fall victim to self-doubt and disempowerment. Because they were free to connect with their turn-on­–both in terms of sex and in the broader world of pleasure–they were able to use the repression as an opportunity. In them I saw a new model of what a woman could be, for herself and for other women.

For example, I discovered that the courtesans were capable of attracting everything they desired. I wanted to see if I could do the same. What would happen if I led with desire and attraction rather than practicalities or reason?

There was an ancient knowing that was reaching toward me, and I was paying attention. I was beginning to see that the courtesans played on an entirely different field, somewhere beyond the logical. I knew I had to shake off feeling small and insignificant. If I wanted to become a courtesan, I had to step up and become a personage. I chose to inhabit my radiance rather than my doubt. The courtesan had this inner gnosis; she knew that life is sacred. Thus empowered, she not only brought herself back to life but everyone she encountered.

We are wired to lead with our pleasure, but we live in a world that insists we hold pleasure out of reach… it has become something we endlessly yearn for but never experience except when our guard is down. But pleasure is so important. It’s more than important… it’s everything.

Take some time today to feel absolutely wonderful in your own skin. Listen to a song that sends glorious shivers down your spine and dance around your living room to it. Sprawl outside in the sunshine and let the rays warm up your whole body. Spend some unscheduled time with a loved one. Plan yourself the most DIY decadent night you can imagine. If you do this, you’ll show up in your life with more exuberance, more warmth, more contentment and confidence, and this will not only increase your love for yourself, it will radiate into the work you do and positively impact all who come in contact with you.

Never underestimate the power of your pleasure.

What is your favourite way to experience pleasure? How do you tap into your heart space and fill your cup? Share your ideas with us in the comments!