Enough is Enough

Enough. The word means simply “as much as is required.”

“Enough” seems almost out of place in self-development vocabulary, which encourages us to be so much more– Divinely Inspired, Mindful, Rooted, Magnificent, Goddess, Healthy, Worthy, Kick-Ass, and Innovative among other beautiful words we want reflected in our being.

But Enough is powerful. It comes before all the other words are spoken. It’s the platform upon which all these other words are built. We must understand we have enough, are enough, to take those first steps to standing wholeheartedly in our message, in our skills, in ourselves, without fear or shame. Knowing you're enough means acknowledging you have everything required to do anything you want. But how do we know we’re enough?

For fifteen years, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like. Whenever I was asked to imagine my ideal day or life, a vibrant image came to mind, although I hardly ever described it out loud.

This is the vision: It is morning, and the sun is slanting through billowing white curtains. I am in a beautiful room with hardwood floor. Sometimes I am just standing barefoot, gazing out the window at a beautiful scene, holding a cup of coffee. Sometimes I’m dancing around in my bare feet. The room is always minimalist and full of warmth and light. I feel a deep sense of freedom, contentment, lightness. I have all the time in the world… I have everything I need.

This vision lingered in my mind for years, beckoning me forward. It was always something to work towards. When I was Enough, surely it would come true. Then one day very recently, something magical happened.

It was a busy week for me. I wandered into my kitchen in my bathrobe, and poured myself a coffee, thinking about the work ahead. Suddenly, I froze. I looked through my big living room window, framed with white curtains, out at my yard and the park beyond. I looked around me at my wonderful house, warm and radiant, my own oasis. I looked down at my beautifully unique hardwood floor, at my bare feet. I saw the invitation and made a conscious decision. I stepped into Enough.

Nothing had changed– the room was the same as it’s been for years. Nothing was different about me either, as I stood there in my bathrobe. For years I have poured myself a cup of coffee and looked out the window in the morning. I had just never stopped to savour it.

From this experience, two things became so clear: The true nature of Enough, and the difference between gratitude and embodiment.

Enough is not a mysterious moment in the future that you are working towards. If you simply wait for Enough to descend on you, it will never come. Enough cannot be found inside a new purchase, at the end of a workout session, or in another town. It does not arrive at the end of a university degree, nor when you quit your job. It doesn't suddenly show itself when you get married, nor when you lose fifty pounds.

The truth is, Enough is all around you. Enough is already inside you. You are enough at this very moment.

Isn’t that a delicious thought?

We’re so focused on getting further down the road that we forget to savour the beauty already around us. We do not savour the time we have (we spend it wishing we had more time). We do not savour the money we have (we spend it and feel guilty, feeling both victimized and at fault). We do not savour what we do have, the things in our lives we’ve worked so hard for.

And yes, humble reader. Those good things that happen in your life– the referrals from past clients, the unexpected flowers that arrive from a friend, the house you went out on a limb to purchase, the adventures you have and the good people you meet while on those adventures, the connections you make that change your life– those aren't chances or accidents. You have made these things happen as surely as I (somewhat subconsciously) made my vision come true.

We wait for the moment to feel that we deserve to dance on our hardwood floors in bare feet… and the hardwood floors are already there. We are there too, standing on them. What are we waiting for?

Enough is something that you recognize and step into fully. As I stood in the morning sun, I thought of how many times I had felt gratitude for the things in my life– my wonderful husband, my beautiful house, and yes, even those hardwood floors. Gratitude is in the head, and if we’re open-hearted, gratitude can spread to the heart. But ample gratitude had never made me feel like this, this fully alive feeling. Embodiment is different than gratitude.

Embody: To give a tangible or visible form to.

In other words, to make a feeling, a dream, or a concept real.

Today, embody something.

Embody your lunch. Your food is nourishing and sustaining. Close your eyes, eat it slowly. Savour it.

While you’re at it, savour your lunch break. Yes, sometimes it seems too short, but today you have all the time you need. Leave your desk– seek a place in the sun. Do your sacred time, your food, and yourself, justice.

Embody your living space. Isn’t it amazing how your favourite chair is the most inviting thing you’ve ever seen, and your row of books so full of meaning and wisdom? There is the art on the wall you picked out so carefully and loved when you bought it­– love it again. Gaze at it.

Go deeper inside. You are loved. You are skilled. You are witty, you are divine. You are enough right now to follow through on your vision. You are enough to savour the many gifts in your life. You are enough to allow yourself love and kindness every day. Maybe your vision has already come true.

As for me, on the day I embodied my Enough, I decided to work at the kitchen table in the sun in my bare feet instead of my basement office, finally allowing myself to have what I always dreamed about­­– what was already waiting for me right in front of my eyes.


What do you already have that you haven’t savoured yet... because you didn’t realize you already have it?