Facing Winds of Change


Whether your awareness extends beyond this dimension or not, many of us are experiencing a form of unease right now, and that calls for awareness, mindfulness, and community. It is no coincidence that I was inspired by the famous song titled “Wind of Change” by the German rock band The Scorpions for this blog topic. Much like when Klaus Meine wrote the song to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, I am writing this piece as a message of hope during this significant universal transformation that is in motion and felt by many.

I was there on that November day in 1989 when the unthinkable happened. The day when a whole nation declared: "ENOUGH! We all deserve to be free!" The memory of the courage and strength I witnessed in so many men and women who risked their lives for freedom still brings tears to my eyes and sends chills down my spine. I remember the pain and the suffering I felt as we said goodbye to our family, not sure if we would ever see them again, and then the joy. Oh, the indescribable feeling of joy when we realized that we no longer had to live in fear and that we could finally experience the world without filters or borders. 

Ah, Freedom! Here we are 28 years later and once again I am sensing the unrest and the ever-increasing volume of voices screaming for their rights and freedom. I am noticing a surge in relationship conflicts in my personal life and the lives of my friends. Globally, I can turn on any TV channel and within seconds feel those sensations of fight or flight in my esophagus that I haven’t felt in a very long time. While I am not an expert in universal connection principles, I have experienced and effectively used mindfulness and neural repatterining during my own times of change. Today I want to share my insights with the hope that it will make your transition, no matter what you're transitioning into, a bit easier, less painful, and more profound. 

Whenever my dad goes off about the political mayhem the world is in, I agree and then ask: “So, what can you do about it?” We cannot change the world alone, but we alone can change the world. I've learned that while I cannot control the choices and decisions other people make, I can ALWAYS choose my thoughts and actions. By taking care of my own mental and physical wellbeing through mindfulness, meditation, exercise, listening, and learning, I am present and charged to show up in my life as best I can. Inevitably, when I am ok, the people around me will be ok too. And much like the ripples over water, I become the change I want to see in the world.

I love explaining the concept of renewal by way of the cycles we see in nature. Every fall the leaves die, and the ground, after resting under the cover of winter’s snow, begins the cycle of rebirth in the spring. 


Change is a cycle. Once you commit to your new path, the cleansing period begins and brings with it a whole lot of aches and pain, kind of like a real cleanse! I always find that knowing where the pain is coming from is half the battle. The other half is nursing it. My advice is to avoid being hard on yourself. Your pain is a physical indicator that lets you know what is going on and where. Acknowledge it and move towards healing. Healing includes rest! You may also consider helping your body by eating foods that fuel you instead of put more stress on your system. And my absolute most important piece of insight: You do not have to suffer, and you most certainly do not have to do it alone. There are countless amazing individuals who have made it their life’s purpose to serve individuals on their expansion journey. Figure out what is hurting you and seek a new point of reference. 

Another way to view pain or struggle is as a moment of opportunity to check in with yourself and ask: “What is this all about?” Perhaps you are afraid of what lies beyond that question. However I guarantee that if left unchecked, the subtle nudges from your soul will crank up in intensity, often turning into physical manifestations of pain in order to urge you to align what is currently out of alignment. The question is, how much pain do you want to endure before you rip off that band-aide and surrender?

Surrender begins with radical honesty. Ask: “What am I missing right now?” Don’t be afraid. It's only when we allow pain to arise and look at it without judgment that we can identify how we need to proceed. You don’t need to have it all figured out right away! Knowledge is overrated when it comes to self-discovery. Inquiry is not about knowing, it’s about understanding what is going on. 

We have been driven to “know“ and to measure ourselves and others by what we know. In essence, we have learned that the more we know the more accepted we are. I hear myself say “I know“ many times in a day, all in an effort to show I'm intelligent. However, this attempt at knowing it all stifles our growth. It leaves no room for questions. It leaves no room for curiosity. Understanding in turn is alive. It can unfold, it can expand, and it can allow us to see different perspectives. 

Last, but not least, you can’t do it all in your head! Thoughts become things. And most often, we fill our minds with a HUGE STORY composed of 1% truth and 99% made-up sh*t. Not having an outlet for your thoughts leads to more pressure on your nervous system and your sleep. Inevitably you'll want to numb out with your “drug” of choice, just to make the thinking stop. Instead of turning to your drug of choice (whether it is an actual drug, greasy food, excessive shopping, or a bottle of merlot), I suggest instead to GET IT OUT.  Scream it out, sing it out, dance it out, talk it out, walk it out. Put it on paper. Paint, draw, write, mind map, podcast, or film it. Do whatever works for you, but allow it to come out so you can process your thoughts outside of your head. 

Change is an important part of our evolution. We cannot repeat the same thoughts and actions and expect different results. 

Right now the wind of change is blowing a little harder and globally than we are used to, and many of us are feeling its effects. For the Berlin Wall to finally collapse under the pressure of the people, East Germans first had to wake up and get really honest about what was hurting. The process of radical honesty is not comfortable or fun. It involves feelings, emotions and the complete eradication of what we know to be true. It is only in this process of opening the mind that we can create new pathways to a future that matches our desires. 

“The wind of change blows straight into the face of time like a storm wind that will ring the freedom bell for peace of mind.”  - Scorpions