How long have you been waiting to leap?


The Lotus Emerging Entrepreneur Program is designed to help women to navigate the entrepreneurial journey, using both the head and the heart. 

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Like the lotus flower, we all have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world... with a little guidance from an empathetic badass!

I support women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that change the(ir) world, while honouring innate feminine values: empowering others rather than controlling them, co-creation rather than competition, and prioritizing contribution rather than gain.


Are you just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey? I've compiled some of my favourite resources for you to get going.

Dig into feminine wisdom, featuring some of my favourite women. We explore relationships, work, money, health, and more!

Wondering how you can apply what you've learned about business or spirituality and create your dream life? 

Are you a
Freedom Seeker?

Freedom is an essential component of my coaching practice (and life!) - which is why I seek to bring you advice, inspiration, and in-person events to guide you in the direction of creating more freedom in your life. 


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